Studio: Kingscliff / Los Angeles
Tattoo Artist, Writer, Videographer, Hell Child

Bookings run 1 Month in Advance 
If there are no time slots, it's booked out. Turn on notifications on Coco's instagram for when booking go live.
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Frida Kahlo
Rose on Skull
Hare and the Tortoise
coco loberg
Flowers on Finger
Rabbit out of Hat
Tiny flower
Fine line, coco, absolute tattoo, mini portrait
Rose on Cheek
Coco loberg Micro Portrait Tattoo Gold Coast Tattooist
lover lover
South of France
Guns and Roses
numbers 23
Day Dreaming
Bady devil
Sticky Fingers
Mini Portrait Dog Face
Fine Line Script Tattoo Coco Loberg
Coco loberg Fine Rose Tattoo
Coco loberg line snake Tattoo
Fine Line Script Tattoo Coco Loberg
fine line rose tattoo coco loberg
micro potrait coco loberg
fine line tattoo bambi coco loberg
leaves fine line tattoo coco loberg
owl micro portrait coco loberg
face micro portrait coco loberg
flamingo fine line tatt coco loberg
bee fine line tattoo coco loberg
fine line portait tattoo coco loberg
lisa simpson tattoo coco loberg
tiger micro portrait coco loberg
lips tattoo coco loberg
cupid fine line tattoo coco loberg
coco tattoo artist micro tattoo