Studio: Kingscliff
Jaz is mostly a black and grey Artist, if you’re wanting colour then please ask her personally before booking your appointment . 
Please use  below images as a reference guideline for when booking your time slot.
A one hour time slot can get you a medium sized custom piece (10cm-15cm in length). 
Detailed line work with black and grey shading. 
For example: palm sized butterflies, quotes, flowers etc
If the design is very detailed and around the 15cm in both length and width then you may need an extra 30 mins on top of your one hour time slot.
In this time slot you can also get longer designs that are bigger than 15cm in length: these include simple things like 1-2 lines of writing at 20-25cm in length (for example: writing along your forearm)
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15 minutes from the Gold Coast Aiprort.

46 Marine Parade Kingscliff, NSW 2487.

02 6674 8864
Tattoo Licence N0:010072

20 minutes north of Coffs Harbour Airport.

49 River St, Woolgoolga, NSW 2456.

02 6654 9432
Tattoo Licence N0:010285

Instagram @absolutetattoo


18+ Studio