Studio: Kingscliff
Jaz is mostly a black and grey Artist, if you’re wanting colour then please ask her personally before booking your appointment . 
Please use  below images as a reference guideline for when booking your time slot.
A 2 hour time frame is for more detailed/saturated (not many skin gaps) medium sized pieces than the 1 hr - 1/2 hour time slots. 
It could get you a detailed design around 16cm-20cm in length (10-14 width or less). This size can get you a hand sized sternum piece, a detailed inner bicep design, small mandala pieces etc. 
If you’re after a design that’s 20cm in circumference (medium sized mandalas) then you may need a bigger time slot depending on detail etc. 
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15 minutes from the Gold Coast Aiprort.

46 Marine Parade Kingscliff, NSW 2487.

02 6674 8864
Tattoo Licence N0:010072

20 minutes north of Coffs Harbour Airport.

49 River St, Woolgoolga, NSW 2456.

02 6654 9432
Tattoo Licence N0:010285

Instagram @absolutetattoo


18+ Studio