Studio: Kingscliff

Jaz is mostly a black and grey Artist, if you’re wanting colour then please ask her personally before booking your appointment . 
Please note that Jaz will be able to cancel appointments for any number of reasons (if the style suits another artist better, if the piece won’t work, if it won’t fit within the time frame requested, a cover up that won’t work etc
All this information needs to be sent 1-2 weeks before your appointment date. 
All drawings are custom and she does not tattoo the same exact thing twice (unless a design is requested for a matching pair)… Jaz works best when given creative freedom, working from your references for inspiration.
All designs are sent to you a day prior to your booking, any minor changes can be made the night before or the morning of appointment.

Please use  below images as a reference guideline for when booking your time slot.

A 5 hour time slot can get you a detailed tattoo of whatever you wish (in Jasmin’s style of course) symmetrical pattern work by itself or mixed in with animals, floral designs, Egyptian designs or whatever you wish 
For a rough size: this time slot can get you a very detailed piece on one side of your forearm inner or outer (full length), a detailed symmetrical sternum piece to go right to each side of your ribs and ending before your belly button. 
Tattoos that are roughly around 25cm-ish in length but thinner in width. Or a design that’s shorter and wider. 
5 hour (varies) $750-$880  10% is GST 
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15 minutes from the Gold Coast Aiprort.

46 Marine Parade Kingscliff, NSW 2487.

02 6674 8864
Tattoo Licence N0:010072

20 minutes north of Coffs Harbour Airport.

49 River St, Woolgoolga, NSW 2456.

02 6654 9432
Tattoo Licence N0:010285

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18+ Studio