Studio: Kingscliff

Jaz is mostly a black and grey Artist, if you’re wanting colour then please ask her personally before booking your appointment . 
Please note that Jaz will be able to cancel appointments for any number of reasons (if the style suits another artist better, if the piece won’t work, if it won’t fit within the time frame requested, a cover up that won’t work etc
All this information needs to be sent 1-2 weeks before your appointment date. 
All drawings are custom and she does not tattoo the same exact thing twice (unless a design is requested for a matching pair)… Jaz works best when given creative freedom, working from your references for inspiration.
All designs are sent to you a day prior to your booking, any minor changes can be made the night before or the morning of appointment.

Please use  below images as a reference guideline for when booking your time slot.

A full day sitting can take 6-7 hours 
What this time slot is good for: Large scale chest pieces, large scale rib pieces (full length or little bit less), large scale thigh pieces, large scale hip/thigh pieces, starting a of a leg sleeve/half sleeve. 
A half sleeve (forearm or bicep) can be completed in 1 day session. This depends on the detail and pieces you’re wanting to get. 
Most detailed sleeves for arms can take a full day and 3-4 hours on another day. For leg sleeves there is quite a bit more area to cover so we will need to book a day session at a time and see how much can be done each day. 
Please book one day session first at the end of the session, Jaz will let you know if it’s completed or if more time is needed and how much more. 
A full day sitting is also for large scale pieces like thigh, whole shins etc 
Generally sizing: if it’s bigger than an A4 piece of paper than you’ll more than likely need a day sitting. 
Full day (varies) $880-$990 gst is 10%
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15 minutes from the Gold Coast Aiprort.

46 Marine Parade Kingscliff, NSW 2487.

02 6674 8864
Tattoo Licence N0:010072

20 minutes north of Coffs Harbour Airport.

49 River St, Woolgoolga, NSW 2456.

02 6654 9432
Tattoo Licence N0:010285

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