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Wall Thief: Brandon Sullivan - Monday 31st

Monday 31st of October, Wall Thief brings you the wildest of treats. This is the one Halloween party too die for. Hosted by Absolute Tattoo Kingscliff, NSW. Brandon Sullivan dark twisted illustrations are sure too melt your mind, whilst Gothic Rockers The Wrath solidify them into you subconscious. Byron Bay Rockers The Badlands are coming to tear up the backyard and rattle your bones from 7pm. NSW TIME Through out the day and night our amazing team of artists will have their custom tattoo designs ready to be embedded into your skin. Design updates will be coming throughout the lead up to this event. Love a design? Secure it via our website on the deposit page. The geniuses known as Food Kartel will be joining us for the evening, pumping out there delicious food all night whilst we dish out the drinks from our sponsors that help make this possible. Sailor Jerry and Coopers Hats off to you legends. Bonus Prizes for Best costumes, go nuts and let's get wild!


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