Looking for artisans to join our All Dark Matter shop

We are excited to announce we are opening our All Dark Matter CO-OP shop inside our Kingscliff studio. The shop will showcase the areas local up and coming talented artisans and emerging brands.

We extend an invitation to all designers from various arts, such as clothing designers, soap makers, oil blenders, candle makers, linen designers, potters, painters, leather, jewellery designers, furniture designers, and any other hand made locally designed product to submit expressions of interest to K@absolutetattoo.com.au

Please provide photos of your work and your details , plus short bio of yourself and your craft. When sending the Email please title it ALL DARK MATTER CO-OP

The shop will be opening in late September, we look forward meeting you all over the coming weeks, and are excited to be supporting and helping future brands to grow.

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