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Congratulations  on your new Tattoo,


With all new things the proper handling and care need to taken to get the best result.

This goes even more so for tattoo’s. Every step is super important so please read and follow this instructions carefully.



Sometimes your Tattoo Artist might apply an protective film over your tattoo, this is a self-adhering, waterproof, antibacterial, breathable barrier designed to prevent pathogens and external contaminants from entering the wound and provide a moist healing environment during the important initial stage of a tattoo. This can be left on for the first 48 - 72 hrs of the tattoo healing process, a build up of plasma and blood will be visible in under the film this is normal, excessive build up the film might need to be changed. 

Once removed, follow the below instructions.



After 2 hours of getting your tattoo, or immediately after removing the protective film - wash with clean hands under warm running water with anti bacterial soap that has no fragrance or other chemicals. 


Gently wash away plasma, dry blood or any ointments, completely clean the area of any soap residue  and Lightly pat dry with a paper towel or clean bath towel and let air dry naturally for at least an hour.



With clean hands apply a in thin layer of aftercare cream, rub the cream in gently to the tattoo. avoid drowning the tattoo. A little goes a long away.


Repeat this cleaning steps twice daily morning and night, it it vital to keep your tattoo clean during this healing process.  Reapply your aftercare cream to keep your skin reradiate and nourished.


For larger size tattoo’s your tattoo your Artist will ask you to re bandage the tattoo with clingfilm for the first 72 hours to create a barrier from dirt and airborne bacteria. 

wash and re bandage with with each shower  morning and night.

This will also help prevent unwanted stains, sticking to your clothes and bed sheets. 



Avoid submerging your tattoo in bodies of water. Stay ways from the following until your tattoo is completely headed;  Saunas, Spas’s, Hot tubs, Pools, Salt water any Water sports.


Tattoos approximately takes 2 - 3 weeks to fully heal, not all skin types are the same so this may very. Do not expose to directly sunlight i.e. Sun bathing solariums or fake tanning. 



When the tattoo is healing the skin will start to feel dry, tight and might become a bit flakey, this is completely normal.  Some flakey skin will have dark pigments this is just excess ink and not your tattoo falling out. On occasion you might find the tattoo will form a scab and become itchy this is also part of the healing process and completely normal. 


Never pick at the scabs of peel them off as this is when scars are created and will create pigment loss.



Do not wax or shave tattooed area until completely healed.


For any aftercare related questions please feel free to get in contact via our Facebook page.

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