DANE INKSTAIN: Bookings Available

Dane's back with more availability! After taking a much deserved break too work on DECRYPTUS lastest Ep "THE NECROTIC DESIGN": Keep an eye out for the music video on its way. Book in now, Catch up with this legend before the onslaught that is know as Christmas .

Jack Quilter

MURWILLUMBAH sculptor Jack Quilter has been exhibiting at Swell Sculpture Festival for the last decade. This month, A selection of work will be display at our kingscliff studio. His series Ghost Fish, inspired but his love of scuba diving and marine life, takes an interesting look at marine life - a fitting theme for a seaside sculpture festival. Crafted from the "mountains of junk" he loves to collect, his works are assemblages of discarded and disused metal and wooden materials, mostly sourced from farms around the region. He has used old plough blades from the Tweed's cane farming industry as a fish head in one piece, while old anchored represents its rib bones. "I'm a great collector of



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