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Brothers Loberg from Australian Tattoo studios "Absolute Tattoo" hitchhike across Australia with nothing more than Tattoo Machines in lou of cash to haggle and swap ink for rooms, food and whiskey. It's Wolf Creek territory with no cash, just ink.
A project that started just for the hell of it, grew into a hundred thousand views on Youtube and now they try and film a new episode each year in different states throughout Australia & Asia.
Still just for the hell of it, but now each episode raises money for charities including swags for homeless. 
Follow expisodes live as they are filmed.
If they don't find a "room in exchange for ink" they sleep under the stars, and it's cold as shit - so they use the time to reflect, and raise money to help keep unfortunate homeless australians a bit warmer at night.
Thankyou to everyone that donates here:
The third episode was filmed down the Western Australian coastline and the boys were joined by the Mojo Bluesman for half of the trip which also inspired Australian singer songwriter "Roshani" to write a song titled "Paid in Ink" which she successfully performed live on "X Factor" in late 2015. 
A cut down version of the song performed live can be viewed here:
The Full version of the song can be downloaded on iTunes, streamed on Guvera or played here:
Episode: 1 (Pilot Episode) Northern NSW & QLD Australia
Episode: 3 (Trailer) Western Australia
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