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Wall Thief : PoonGoat

Jam 150 of the wildest women and baddest men on earth into the backyard of Absolute Tattoo Kingscliff. Throw in the incredible artistic skills of the multi-talented freak that is Jamie 'PoonGoat' Peters, lashings of Eddies Grubhouse' finest burgers and fries, the ear-bending sounds of Grammercy and Snakes & Daggers, live screenprinting by Stone Cold Co's ink master Martin Grogan, copious sloshes of our man Jack Daniels, and you'll pull one hell of a rawkus night out of your Akubra.

If you missed Monday nights debauchery or simply crave a repeat like the rest of us renegades, we're stoked to announce round 2 of Wall Thief's monthly event is on Monday June 6th.

"Girls, Girls, Girls" will be featuring the epic works of Zoe 'Kowai Girl' Maxwell, Coco 'Lolita' Loberg, Siobhan 'Stabs' Stone, and all of the sordid rock you can handle to celebrate the strength and vivacity of good little girls everywhere.

Lock it in, haul anchor. It's going to be wild. We'll eat you alive. Write up by Siobhān Stone. Snakes & Daggers Gramecy

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