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Wallthief. Dec 19. 2018

Wall Thief's next chapter will feature Shmick Creations providing the artistic visuals, Kallidad and Peach Fur providing the sound, the legends at Coopers Brewery providing the beer, and the wildmen from Eddies Providing the Grub. It’s a mix of Wall Thief, Absolute Tattoo and Eddie's Grub House Christmas party and Absolute Kingscliff’s 10th birthday. Too celebrate Absolute Tattoo’s birthday we will also be running a flash day from 11-5 with some tattoo artists blasting into the night! Music will start around 5PM in the backyard gallery. To any hardcore Coopers fans out there we will be giving away a $100 Eddies bar tab to the first person to get a Coopers Tattoo. Performances will start to wind down at 8:30pm NSW time so we can get you onto the bus to the AFTER PARTY at Eddie's Grub House in coolangatta, which due to daylight savings will be another hour of partying! with an arrival time at eddies around 8.30pm QLD time..

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