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Balls Deep

The Absolute team is rapidly expanding. There's new blood to the team but these shops have been running through this persons veins since the day they opened.

It's been a long time coming!

Coco Loberg, has stepped up and thrown herself balls deep in being the new apprentice.

Coco - I almost wrote this in third person - however I just read Siobhan’s write up ending. Had a laugh. Reclined in my chair. Decided I couldn’t pull it off. If you haven’t read her’s, read it after this - or before this - I won’t know who you choose. Siobhan and I both managed to finally get our paws onto the path of limb scribbling within a week of each other. Not only did we enter the tattooing world through the same time frame but everything in the lead up to this point was mirrored off each other. I decided she was my long lost clone, and am yet to be proven wrong. In saying that siobahn is 27 and I’m just a fool at 19 - so really I’m the clone.

I dabble in a few different forms of art, which is more than likely the outcome of a severe case of indecisiveness. I can remember the first time I wrote a story - it was really strange - the first time i took a photo, the first time I shot a video. I could name all the spawning scenarios that lead to my infatuations but i can’t remember the birth of the only consistency in my life - drawing.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel throughout my life. I’ve grown up stretched across continents, starting new schools whilst still retrieving myself from the others. I rubbed paths with city slickers to small town groms between London, Australia, LA, Indonesia and India. I will be forever grateful for the impact that different shaped faces and landscapes have on my artwork - but I think it was puberty that really threw me some bones.

My work went from ‘frame

that for grandma’ to ‘keep your paintings in this room’ in a matter of 2 months.

My work has a dominant hue of puns and sexual suggestions. More times than not my work has a stupid joke or story behind it which is often mistaken for an active imagination. This allows me to change the concepts of my pieces each time I’m asked. My artwork revolves around realism - up until a recent wander into line work which threw me into a cesspool of late hours and excessive pen use.

My instagram has become a mixture of weird words and line work. I don’t know what else to say about my style of artwork - more or less because I haven’t come to a conclusion of what my style is. Excited to work and learn alongside Absolute’s rad artists. Coco's Instagram account @cocoloberg


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