First Monday of the month rolled around again. Another monthly “Wall Thief” Lowbrow Art, Tattoos, Live Music & Food trucks night consumed our Kingscliff studio’s backyard once more. Thanks everyone.

This months theme “Girls, Girls, Girls” Featured original artworks by three very talented women; Zoe Maxwell, Siobhan Stone and Coco Loberg.

Smoking Martha played a killer set for an hour or so (we’ll welcome Tasha and her band back anytime), followed by Gramecy’s awesome set which included Diklich from Snakes & Daggers unable to contain his music, he stormed the stage and joined them for a few final tracks to cement a wild fullstop into the shady end of the night.

The events are getting bigger and badder - next month’s show will feature brilliant wildman art and antics in the form of “The Destruction of Kyan Rain DeVere” Stay tuned for details.

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